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Finding Your Way Back to God

Book Can I Find My Way Back to God by Dave Ferguson and Jon Ferguson “Dave Ferguson and Jon Ferguson have written a book that could change how our generation thinks about God, and how we find him. Finding Your Way Back To God is absolutely life-changing!”

  • ~ Rick Warren, author of The Purpose Driven Life

About Dave

Dave Ferguson is a visionary pastor, a struggling prodigal and an innovative pioneer. He’s the lead pastor of the 13-campus Community Christian Church, the founder of the church-planting movement New Thing and the president of the Exponential conference. Dave is co-author of five books about church growth and leadership. His single greatest passion is also the title of his newest book: “Finding Your Way Back to God.”

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The Way Back

Exploding Old Scoreboards

Growing up in Chicago, I remember a couple famous scoreboards.  There was a scoreboard at the old Comiskey Park where my White Sox played when I was a kid – I loved it!  Every time someone hit a home run the scoreboard would explode with fireworks.  There is also the scoreboard at Wrigley Field, home of the Cubs.  It’s one of two remaining scoreboards that are still hand-turned.  It was installed in 1937 and is still waiting for its first … read more