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Starting Over: Your Life Beyond Regrets
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In Starting Over, Jon and I show you how to recognize specific regrets and then release them to God as you learn to see your regrets as opportunities to start over. Finally, you will see God redeem your regrets as he takes the worst things in your life and uses them for a greater good.

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I love helping people find their way back to God. That passion has led me to write books, pastor a church, start a network of new churches and lead a conference. It sounds like a lot but I have terrific people all around me.

I launched this website for you! Here are a few ways it might serve you:

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Proactively Starting Over

This story is mine… I just drove back from Grand Rapids after dropping my soon-to-be college freshman son off at Calvin College for cross-country camp. Even though Caleb has no plans to come home till his birthday in October Sue and I agreed to tell ourselves we were just dropping him off for cross-country camp and not really college. Why? I think it is our way pretending he is still at home till we drive back up to Grand Rapids … read more

6 Coaching Questions for Developing Leaders

Nothing is more important than to the mission of Jesus than to disciple and develop leaders. If you are responsible for the care and development of leaders – staff and volunteers, use these six questions as a basic agenda for any one-on-one coaching conversation and you will see them grow and flourish. Here are six questions in order that you should ask when meeting. Let me briefly explain the brilliance behind each one of these six questions: 1) “How are … read more

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What's Your Story?

We all have a story. Lately I’ve been sharing a lot of “Starting Over” stories. We all have times in our lives where we need to start over. Take a few minutes and let me know your story. You can decide if it is just for me or if I can share it with others. I would love to hear from you!